Killed drifted allied bomber pilots during World War II

List of killed drifted allied bomber pilots during World War II buried at church­yard (cemetery) on the island of Hel(i)goland. Nothing is left of the graves after bombing the island on April, 18th 1945 and after the „Big Bang“ (blowing up Heligoland) on April 18th 1947.

German air defense during WW II. Foto: Museum Helgoland

The names of the dead can be found in the burial register between 1918 and 1945 of the Evangelical-Lutheran community of Helgoland. After the resettlement of the island in 1952 the bones have been collected and laid to rest in a special bone grave.


  • June 12th: Scouller, austral., 402674, C/R., A.A.F. – C of E.
  • June 23rd: H.S.K. Kreton, british, M.E.T.H. – O.F.F.R. – 114 307 – R.A.F.V.R.
  • July 4th: C.E. Pugh, british, 996774
  • July 7th: Simson, british
  • Aug. 3rd: O.C. Wittaker, british, P / No. 48 422
  • Aug. 19th: Sonthern, british, J. 533 687, R.A.F.
  • Nov. 17th: Cerzaf, british, N.2.41969, S. D. Wells, Airman


  • March 24th:
    C.A. Marques, american, Half Sergeant
    Mealcolm Rafers, american, 60 61 59, Second Lieutenant
    Marles P.Hammond, american, 700 0409, Sergeant
    Marles E. Falls, american, 140 539 46, Half Sergeant
    N. C. Gritsonis, american, 160 346 19, Half Sergeant
  • June 24th: unknown, british
  • June 26th: unknown, british
  • July 29th: James Scins, american, 35357962 T43 A DOSHJ, A Gains 911 Boyer SF. Richmond
  • Aug. 13th:
    Charles H.Gilbert, american, 11089901 T43 B., MRS SA.Gilbert South Pier RD.C.Marra.
    W. D. Christle, british, O.F.F.R., PRES. 129 489, RAF OR
  • Aug. 28th: unknown, american
  • Sept. 5th: unknown, american
  • Nov. 16th: Eugene R. Jasper, american, 37 214 134 T43


  • Jan. 7th:
    unknown, british
    W. Meandros, british, 0-6856
    William Thompson, british, 32382094

(Text: Erich-Nummel Krüss, Gestaltung: abu)

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